Parts and Modules

Personalize your training and choose the path best suits you

The C.O.A.C.H programme (126 student contact hours) delivered in English, Italian and Norwegian can be divided into two main parts:
  • The practice of ‘do coaching’ (60 hours)
    Introductory course on the guidelines of coaching ethics and professional standards and to gain familiarity with the 11 core competences and basic coaching tools on methodologies.
    The modules in this part will cover:
    An introduction to coaching, the Professional Associations, the Core Competencies of Coaching, the Ethical code, Accountability and Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence, Learning styles, the structure of coaching, Questioning, Listening Skills Challenge, the GROW, SCORE, 7 Eyed Model and other models, Clean Language, Contracting.
  • The art of ‘being a coach’ (66 hours)
    Advanced course to offer a professional and mindful coaching, deepening knowledge and practice.
    The modules in this part will cover:
    Mindfulness, the Learning Journey, Motivational Patterns, Appreciative Enquiry, Transactional Analysis, Gardener's Intelligences, Team and Group coaching.
The parts and main modules can be also followed independently and the delivery is predominantly a face-to-face programme with training hours delivered through webinars and individual study guided by trainers using recommended materials.