Philosophy and Approach

Coaching tools, skills and a reframed mindset for educators through an integrated approach

This C.O.A.C.H. programme will open the doors of education to the coaching world, and give, through 126 hours coach training and supervision, the opportunity to became a qualified coach and a Member of the International Coach Federation. Tools, skills and a new mindset to coach at the most effective levels will be provided to develop:
  • The integration of cultural diversity awareness and management in communication.
  • The development of a new mindset that widens the focus from “knowing related skills” to “being and becoming related skills”.
  • The improved capabilities and structure to manage challenging situation in education with success.
  • The cooperation amongst teachers and possible other stakeholders as a framework to facilitate team approach, peer support and shared responsibilities.
  • The development of systemic awareness and mindfulness among all participants.

Our Approach: Walk the talk

C.O.A.C.H. methodology is based on a cooperative approach whose benefits are also grounded in collaboration among educators, both for their own personal and professional development, and for the development of a culture based on shared responsibilities and values.
To achieve collaborative learning practices to be effective, educators will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to use them.
This includes relational expertise for establishing collaborative partnerships with peers as well as with other professionals and actors outside the education boundaries.
Specifically, the programme uses the loop input approach and interactive and hands-on practice and knowledge input. All training will create space for group discussion and sharing interests and solicit and generate high-quality feedback.Creativity will be offered and stimulated and a mindful relaxed yet challenging environment will be created.